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For natural and vibrant images

I love capturing real and candid moments that show off the personalities of my subjects. With a background in storytelling and project management, I provide a client experience that is unique, well-planned and most of all, fun!

I want your images to look and feel exactly like you, as if you stepped out of your photographs into real life! My edit style is natural, vibrant and true to color, meaning if it looks blue in your shoot, I will keep it blue in your photos. I can't wait to capture your memories!

Get in toucH!

from TV producer to photographer

Raised in new York City, I love creating natural, vibrant images that show off my clients' personalities and reflect true experiences and emotions.

Combining my passion for storytelling with my background in video production management, I strive to create a photoshoot experience that not only honors my client's vision but is creative, comfortable and (dare I say it?) lots of fun!

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Run don’t walk! I can’t think of a better photographer than Emily. Emily is extremely talented and downright fun, and more than delivered on my vision. She came prepared with everything from sunscreen to balloons, the little details you wouldn’t think you’d need but do! Can’t wait to have another reason for Emily to take stunning photos!!

- Blake S
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