It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Well, almost! Can you believe we're nearly to mid-November and this close to 2022? I don't know about you, but I feel like this year has flown in so many ways. I am always looking for ways to freeze time and take in the world around me, which is why I love living in New York City - especially during the holidays. Cliché as it may sound, this city is truly magical this time of year, and with so many iconic spots (and hidden gems!), it's the perfect place to take holiday card photos.

If you're feeling like you don't have time to think of creative holiday card ideas but don't want your run-of-the-mill NYC photos...I got you! Check out my 5 of my favorite holiday photoshoot ideas in this city!

5 Fun New York City Holiday Photoshoot Ideas


We've all heard of a pub crawl, but what about our wintertime friend Hot Chocolate? My personal favorites have always been Jacques Torres and The Chocolate Room. And, with a million other spots in between, why not grab your loved ones for a hot cocoa tasting tour of your own design, followed by a Central Park photoshoot holding the cup of your favorite spot!


What if it's too cold out? Why not do an indoor/at home session like this one, with everyone dressed in holiday PJs? Pour some cider, bake cookies, make decorations and capture the magic of your family dynamic in your natural habitat!


While the rest of the city is set up with lights and trees, there is nothing that says you can't make a holiday card photo that is all your own! Add to the beautiful backdrop of Central or Prospect Park with colorful clothes, a festive blanket, candy cane props, a menorah (or better yet, plate of latkes!) or anything other holiday prop that makes your heart sing. The world is your oyster, and I'm here to help you bring your vision to life!


Now I know what you're thinking: 'Emily, getting your photo taken at a Christmas tree in NYC is already pretty standard!' And if you said that to me....well you would be absolutely correct! But, did you know this city has at least 11 magical trees that are not Rockefeller Center? A few years ago I did my own tree tour and found myself at several magical spots, including South St Seaport, Lotte Palace, Washington Square Park and Lincoln Center - not to mention all the trees many storefronts and apartment buildings post up that are just lovely! Take a bunch of photos and see if your friends and family can guess where you were!


Lastly, weather pending of course, there is nothing better than the first couple of days of snow here. Capture a wicked afternoon of family fun - sledding, snowball fights (Elf, anyone?) and snow angels. The best photoshoot for all those epic candids!

No matter what you decide, I am here to help you make sure your holiday photoshoot is a total blast!

No idea is too big or too small, so click the link below to start planning your session!

But do it soon - slots are filling up into December!