Last summer, one of my friends taught me how to ride a bike.

That's right. I went my entire childhood, teendom and college years without ever learning how to properly ride a bike! I'd learned a few times, but it never really stuck. That is, until I saw my pal Jan fall in love with biking. And then I fell in love too!

When Covid-19 happened, options for transportation in the city became limited. Seeing it as a new way to get around, Jan started began renting Citibikes for quick trips around Brooklyn. As the days wore on, I watched (and listened) to Jan's excitement over biking grow and grow until one day she proudly announced she'd bit the bullet and bought herself a folding bike to make commuting easier. In August, her shiny new (cute!) Brompton arrived and after we ooh'd and ahh'd she told me she'd be biking 25 miles (!!) at the end of the following month in support of Yes She Can Inc., a non-profit that provides essential job and life skills training for young women who have Autism and other disabilities. Talk about putting your powers to good use!

To promote the event (which raised over $1,250, NBD!) we decided to take her new wheels out for a spin and do a photoshoot in one of our favorite Brooklyn haunts: DUMBO!